01 - About

Code for Lancaster is a volunteer Civic Technology meetup. We were inspired by Code for Boston, and are made up of volunteer developers, designers, data geeks, citizen activists, and many others who look to use creative technology to solve civic and social problems.

If you are a developer, design, data geek, citizen activist or just someone that would like to be involved.

We want you! Anyone can contribute! To find out more about Code for Lancaster and get an announcement of our first meeting sign up for our newsletter.

02 - Ideas

Identified an issue in your community?

If you know of an issue in your community in Lancaster or the surrounding area, that you think we may be able to help with, let us know using our Idea Submission Form.

How to submit a great idea

For example: “How might we better enable locals to be aware of mental health support” we consider a good problem statement, but “Let’s build a phone app to show people where the bus stops are.” we consider to be a poor problem statement. The reason for this is not to approach a project with a bunch of assumptions already made. We want to research the issue and find the best way to solve that issue.

All projects must be open-source and freely available for their entire lifetime. We host all our project code on github, and if the project doesn’t involve code we will make it openly available in some other accessible way.

Projects of a political nature have to unbiased. Projects focused on open-data, political awareness and transparency are fair game, but projects to support a particular political viewpoint are not.